About the World Poetry Movement

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World Poetry Movement is an organization that promotes and encourages the art of poetry among amateur poets. Our mission is to eliminate the traditional barriers that prevent most people from having their message heard.

We believe that poetry is a valid form of expression no matter who writes it, that poetry is not just for a chosen few. We know that everyone has his or her own individual style and point of view. We're here to encourage the expression of your unique vision.

One of the ways we attract poets to our organization is by promoting amateur poetry contests several times per year. Entry to these contests is always free. All prizes are guaranteed to be awarded and a list of winners can be viewed at our website, www.WorldPoetryMovement.com or on Facebook at World Poetry Movement.

In addition to our website, on Facebook we moderate the most intelligent and vibrant poet discussion on poetry available anywhere at, www.Facebook.com/WorldPoetryMovement. You will discover an entire world of real, everyday people who share your passion for poetry and are interested in learning more about you and your artistry.

We invite you to submit poems and share them with the community. You can also view the work of others and enjoy poems by different categories.  You’ll find we do everything in our power to provide the best possible forum for you, the amateur poet.